Where to Stay in Baguio

Where to Stay in Baguio According To Your Budget

Are you planning to visit the City of Pines anytime soon? Baguio has become one of the most visited cities in the country, so expect that accommodations would be spotted on almost every corner. But even before heading up north, you should plan on where to stay in Baguio already. Read on to have an idea of the different accommodations being offered in Baguio:

Transient house

The words say it all, as transient means “lasting only for a short time”. Renting a transient house would mean staying in an accommodation just like your own home but on a short term. You will be able to rent a house complete with facilities such as bedrooms, living room, comfort room, and kitchen for around 400-1200 pesos per night, depending on the size of the house and its location.


Thinking of where to stay in Baguio comfortably but not on an extravagant budget? You may opt to stay in inns. These are usually buildings or houses where tourists could seek lodging and may find other facilities such as a terrace, game room, garden, or spa center, aside from the usual amenities. The budget for this would be around 800-2,000 pesos per night per room.

Bed and breakfast

Similar to a guest house, you may opt to stay in bed and breakfast accommodations in Baguio. Here, you would find rooms with the usual facilities such as bathroom and bedroom within a house. Also, from its name, you could choose to order your breakfast from the hosts of the house. The budget for B&Bs must be around 1,000-2,900 pesos per room per night.


If you’re looking for a luxurious stay when in the summer capital of the Philippines, a hotel would be best for you. There are lots of choices available around the city because tourists are present all year round. Usually, when deciding on where to stay in Baguio, people think about which accommodations are near tourists spots. For around 3,000-10,000 pesos per room per night, you could get the best views, which comes with the best facilities you could ask for. Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio is among the top choices because it is near the Botanical Garden and is accessible from the Wright Park, too.

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