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Why You Need to Choose Hotels in Baguio with Great View

Choosing hotels in Baguio with great view could make a difference as you plan a stay in the City of Pines. It’s not every day that one could encounter a gorgeous scenery. That is why, as you choose your accommodation, it’s a plus to stay in a hotel in Baguio with a great view.


The Philippines has a lot of destinations to offer, and Baguio surely is one of the top picks. In Baguio, there are 41 listed DOT-accredited accommodations as of 2015. This 2017, it has probably increased by double or more. Given that, you sure would be confused on which hotel to book a stay in.


When it comes to amenities, there are 4 and 5-star hotels in Baguio which offer luxurious and convenient facilities. Some have breakfast buffets, in-room kitchen, hot and cold shower, travel concierge, spa and massage services, and the like. But the best feature that you could take advantage of is balconies or windows with great views. Staying in hotels in Baguio with great view could give you a satisfying stay away from the stress in the city. Just like in Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio, you could enjoy the view in this holiday haven up in the north.


What is it like to stay in Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio?


As you wake up in the morning, throw the curtains open and be ready for the view. From your balcony, you will see the view of the cityscape in the vicinity. Though the mountain peaks are not within reach, you could view them from your 4th-floor window. When the weather gets low, you’ll surely feel the coolness of Baguio as the fog creeps in.


Aside from feeling relaxed as you enjoy the view, you may also want to take photos from your balcony. Hotels in Baguio with great view are surely Instagram-worthy, so don’t forget to share it with the social media world. Take advantage of this because the views you see in Baguio are attractions in itself.


On your first time or nth time to travel up in Baguio, don’t just choose an accommodation that’s cheap or famous. Be practical and know the amenities that are worth the price.



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