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What to Look for in Hotels in Baguio for Family Trips

When looking for hotels in Baguio for family trips, you must be very careful as you filter out your options. There are lots of hotels available in Baguio, but there are some which have facilities that best suit a family’s needs. A room with the basic amenities would just feel like staying in your own home, and not like a vacation in Baguio.


So, when in the City of Pines, here are the things you should consider in choosing hotels in Baguio for family trips:



Spacious rooms

If you’re traveling with the whole clan, it’s a better idea to stay in a large unit rather than in separate rooms. Choose to stay in hotels where rooms have 2-3 bedrooms and a large living room. Not only would it save you from extra expenses, but you’ll also have more time to bond together. It’s always merrier when you’re more.


In-house restaurant

The most convenient and fun way of having quality time is through food. When looking for hotels in Baguio for family trips, consider one which has an in-house restaurant. It’ll be better to dine out near or within the premises of your accommodation for easier access. Tradisyon Restaurant, a dining spot in Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio, is one of the best picks. It is a resto which serves Pinoy comfort food such as Kare-Kare, Binagoongang Bagnet, Crispy Pata, Azalea Baguio Greens, and Tradisyon Club Sandwich.


In-room kitchen

In case your preferred hotel in Baguio doesn’t have an in-restaurant, choose one which has an in-room kitchen. Wouldn’t it be a fun bonding when you cook your meals together? You could choose any dish you would like to have for lunch when your hotel room has a kitchen. Also, when everyone’s too tired to eat lunch outside, you could easily prepare your meals in your room.


Play Area/s

When looking for hotels in Baguio for family trips, make sure that kids get their spots, too. Choose a hotel with kid-friendly amenities such as play areas or a designated corner for playing. This will be very convenient especially when the elders want some free time, without having to worry about the kids.


Mentioned above are four things you could consider when choosing hotels in Baguio for family trips. Tick all four off of your list to be sure that it’s going to be a memorable vacation in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.


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