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How to Choose the Best Among the Baguio City Hotels

The best Baguio City hotels aren’t the one with the most expensive rates. Neither it is the one that has the largest rooms.

Also known as The Summer Capital of the Philippines and The City of Pines, Baguio City is one of the most famous tourist spots in the country. Sure, there are many places you would want to go, and activities you would want to do. Yet, the place to stay should also be one of your priorities. Booking a hotel is not enough. You need to know if the hotel you will be staying is the best for you.

Here are four points to know if your hotel is the best among the Baguio City hotels:

1) Service

One of the boxes to tick off of your list is the services of your chosen hotel. This does not only include the ambiance — a nice lobby, air-conditioned and carpeted hallways, room service — but also how the staff interacts with guests. The friendly and accommodating staff surely has a good effect on a guest’s stay.

2) Location

Are there any parks or mall nearby? Is it just a few minutes away from your desired tourist destinations? Is the hotel is safe and secure? An ideal location for the best Baguio City hotels should at least be near the main tourist spots and other commercial establishments. This is, of course, for your convenience. A great view of the Baguio pines and the city landscape is a plus, though.

3) Amenities

Check what amenities the room and hotel itself have to offer. Having HD TVs, Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, and complimentary breakfast are just some of the features to note. Other hotels also offer usage of gym facilities and spa services. A furnished kitchenette perfect family gatherings is also a plus, an amenity found in all of Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio’s rooms.

4) In-house restaurant

Do you urgently need to meet up with someone near your location? Do you want to find a dining place that’s near your accommodation? Whether your Baguio trip is for business matters or for vacation, the best Baguio City hotels should not only offer you a place to stay but also a place to enjoy good food.

Looking for the best Baguio City hotels could depend on the four factors mentioned above, but always see to it that your needs are also prioritized. When you need to find a place having all of the four features, then Azalea Hotels and Residences could be the best hotel in Baguio for you.

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