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What It’s Like to Stay in Affordable Hotels in Baguio

Choosing affordable hotels in Baguio doesn’t necessarily mean staying in simple rooms with the most basic facilities. Baguio City is surely one of the most exciting destinations one could ever visit, so you should make your stay memorable. But when you are traveling on a budget, you should at least have an overview of the most affordable hotels in Baguio.

Here’s a quick guide as you book a stay in affordable hotels in Baguio.

  • Affordable doesn’t mean cheap and basic. There will always be affordable hotels in Baguio which would exceed your expectations. For example, for 1,000 per room per night, you may think that you will be staying in a bedroom with only a bathroom and an air conditioning unit. In reality, you could find a room with a veranda and free breakfast also for the same price.
  • There are affordable hotels in Baguio that costs around 700-1,500 pesos per person per night. This is actually a good deal because it will be difficult to find a cheap accommodation in this location.
  • Expect that the most affordable hotels are distant from popular tourist attractions. Usually, luxury and mid-range hotels are found within the vicinity of tourist spots.
  • Your chosen hotel may have lots of guests staying together with you. Because it is one of the affordable hotels in Baguio, many travelers would book a stay in it.
  • Affordable hotels in Baguio may not have the best amenities. Hotels of the higher rate may come as fancy as its price. Therefore, you may not experience having bath tubs, buffet breakfasts, hot or cold shower, or even wi-fi connection in these kinds of hotels in Baguio.

To help you decide on which place to stay, you could include Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio on your list. Avoid the hassle of trying to look for the cheapest rates and see how worthy it would be to book in this 4-star hotel in Baguio City.

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