4 Tips on Finding Affordable Hotels in Baguio

The most affordable hotels in Baguio surely wouldn’t just be found everywhere because they’re gems to be searched for. As a popular tourist spot, Baguio offers a lot of them, but you need to be careful in choosing where you’d stay. Don’t get blinded with prices which you think are affordable, because there may be something else that has more value for your money. To help you, here are tips on finding affordable hotels in Baguio for your most-awaited vacation:


  1. Read reviews on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is a website where you could find travel-related content made by real people all over the world. Through it, you could look for genuine reviews on the hotels you’re eyeing for. You could also view the estimated budget of different hotels on this site.


  1. Do crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is a process of gathering information through different people’s ideas and inputs. The easiest way to do this is using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is post a question, as your friends or followers answer through their replies. For example, you may share this: “Hi friends! Anyone here who’s been to Baguio already? If yes, what are the most affordable hotels in Baguio where I could stay in? Thanks!”


  1. Use Facebook.

In finding the most affordable hotels in Baguio, you may opt to use a free but reliable platform: Facebook. Aside from crowdsourcing, a good source of information is Facebook groups and pages. Join travel-related groups where people share blog-like posts of their travels and experiences. Use the search feature to look for posts in relation to Baguio and hotels. Facebook pages are also helpful because most hotels post promos and services on social media. Take advantage of these as much as possible.


  1. Be in the hunt.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results from the Web, you may go find the most affordable hotels in Baguio itself. Drive around the city as you inquire for the best deals. Make sure that you won’t give too much information as you inquire so they won’t know that you are actually bargaining for the most affordable room.


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