Baguio City – situated 5,000 feet above sea level and considered as the chief city north of the Philippines remains as one of the top destinations for both local and foreign tourists.

The city records temperatures that is always 8 degrees lower than the average elsewhere in the country, earning its title as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Originally designed as a rest and recreation center of the Americans, the city continues to offer that escape from the scorching heat of the metro decades after. Lush green landscapes, vibrantly colored flowers, towering pine trees and fog enveloping the majestic mountain ranges of Sierra Madre is the setting of a perfect highland vacation that awaits every traveler. With the Ilocandia, Pangasinan and the Benguet Province in close proximity to the city, it is regarded as a melting pot of cultures and a center of art that is uniquely Filipino.

Rediscover Baguio City with this list of attractions, destinations and activities that we recommend in your itinerary.

Night Market Ukay-Ukay

Harrison Road, from its morning to afternoon business rush, transforms to an evening deal finder’s haven with the road being closed for the Baguio Night Market where used branded items including clothes, shoes, bags and toys are lined up and sold to bargain hunters.  Fun starts at 9pm until midnight.

An Artist’s Hub

Be drawn by the arts and entertainment scene of the city and discover why they say that the cool weather nurtures the creative minds.

A visit to the galleries of the National Artist, Mr. Benedicto Cabrera (famously known as BenCab) along Asin Road or at the art installations of Mr. Eric De Guia (famously known as Kidlat Tahimik) at Ili Likha Artists Village along Assumption Road just off the hussle of Session Road.

A Unique Cultural Experience

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the north with a destination that promotes and protects the heritage of the Cordilleras.

Managed by Chanum Foundation Inc., Tam-awan Village is envisioned to be a center of arts and cultural activities bolstering higher appreciation to the heritage and history of the Cordillerans. For a unique cultural experience, the village features native Benguet huts where you can spend the night in with a minimal amount.

Take a closer look in the tedious step-by-step process of making the native fabric at the Easter Weaving Room. A wide selection of souvenir and pasalubong items like house ware, wall décor, native costumes and apparel all made with the native fabric can also be bought from the gallery and shop.

A Nature Walk

Strike the balance of a highly urbanized center and a nature break away with various trails and activities right in the heart of the city and in nearby provinces.

Mt. Sto. Tomas, which towers 7,500 feet above sea level, is a sure adventure for the those looking for a nature trip. At the peak of the trail a breathtaking view of Baguio City is featured in one side while a view of West Philippine Sea is highlighted on the other.

Balajadia’s Kitchenette

If you’re looking for home-cooked cuisine that’s uniquely Baguio, Balajadia’s Kitchenette is the place for you. A variety food is served off the grill. But if you’re up for a more exotic choice then you might want to try Balajadia’s Kitchenette Butt and Balls, Pinikpikan and Pinapaitan with fresh meat sourced from the nearby Slaughter Compound (literally just steps away from therestaurant) and fresh vegetables from the City Market which is just up the road.

Oh My Gulay Artist’s Café

With the food served amidst the art installations of Mr. Eric De Guia (also known as Kidlat Tahimik) and rising local contemporary artists, the menu and fare demonstrates art on a plate with an all organic and vegan line up. A perfect merge of culture, art and food located at the top floor of La Azotea building right along Session Road.

Choco-late de Batirol

Hidden in the vegetation of Igorot Park at Camp John Hay is a coffee shop waiting to be discovered where fresh and thick tsokolate batirol is made from freshly grounded cacao beans. Choco-late de Batirol continues the heritage of tsokolate making using traditional implements. A must try for first timers and a certified favorite for returning visitors.

The Extension by Choco-late de Batirol has opened it’s door to the  public located at Outlook Drive just near the entrance of The Mansion House

Mines View Park

The breathtaking scenery that is the Cordillera mountain ranges is embodied by the “mineral bowl” of the city or Mines View Park which overlooks the mines of Itogon, Province of Benguet. Located about 10 minutes from the hotel.

Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden, located between Wright Park and Teacher’s Camp, is where the city’s flora is propagated and prepared  for planting in the city’s numerous parks. Also known as the Igorot Garden, as it houses replicas of the houses of native Cordillerans, it also pays tribute to the sister cities of Baguio with landscapes depicting the Korean and Japanese counterparts. A quick walk up Leonard Wood Road from the hotel to reach this destination.

Baguio Cathedral

The only standing structure post World War II, the cathedral is one of the oldest building in the central business district. Standing on top of a small hill along Fr. Carlu St., adjacent to the famous Session Road, it offers residents and visitors not only a place of meditation but also a panoramic view of the city’s business center. Located 10 to 15 minutes from the hotel.

Wright Park

A trip to the City of Pines is not complete without a visit to the home of the Pony Boys for an all time favorite horse back riding at the cool and pine tree endorned Outlook Drive and Gibraltar Road. This park, which was named after the American Governor-General of the Philippines Luke Edward Wright, is a 5 minute drive up Leonard Wood Road from the hotel.

Burnham Park

Named after the city’s planner and architect, Daniel H. Burnham, Burnham Park is considered as the heart of the city and is atop the list of residents and visitors looking for a relaxing morning walk or cool place to spread the picnic blanket. Located about 10 to 15 minutes from the hotel.

Rose Garden

An evening lights show at this small park that is part of the Burnham Park complex is a sure delight for families and kids. Located about 10 to 15 minutes from the hotel.

Fort Del Pilar – Philippine Military Academy

Baguio City is also home to the country’s premiere military academe. Areas that the public can access include relics of World War II Battle Tanks and the PMA museum where visitors given a walkthrough the history of this academic institution and a glimpse into the the life of a cadet. Located 30 minutes from the hotel.

Camp John Hay 

A witness to the surrender of General Yamashita after the World War II, this former military base now houses a technology hub, a human resource development hub, a forest watershed reserve, a convention center, an extreme sports center, restaurant chains and coffee shops. A  suggested jogging route also cuts into Camp John Hay. From the hotel, the route would cross Teacher’s Camp, South Drive, Camp John Hay Drive, Lokan Drive on the other side and back to South Drive and Teacher’s Camp.

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

A unique experience for families and groups await at the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm where visitors can pick their own strawberries straight from the field for pasalubong or take-home. The picking season is during the months of May to October. Located 30 to 40 minutes from the hotel.

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